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Sacramento, California guitarist, vocalist and bandleader, drawing from the classics, country, jazz and blues, and rock...

It was great having you here. What a performance, and what great musicians (and people) you guys are!

   -Ruggeo Mastroserio (Owner, Mastroserio Winery)

I enjoyed your playing yesterday, as always. You're one of the few who manage both sides of the line between trad swing and the boppish music some call progressive jazz. You're like a chef who knows and uses the most appropriate from an arsenal of wonderful seasonings, always choosing the perfect one for the moment and situation.

   - Charlie Hull, Saxophone

Perfect!  We couldn't have asked for anything better.  Favorable comments all evening. Thanks for having helped make such a successful party.

   - Dr. Mark Rubenstein

Great XMAS party - just a quick attaboy on your sit in it's always nice to hear a new and gifted jazz guitarist in my travels.Plese include me in your gig e-mail list & and if you are ever in or around Lodi drop by for a visit.                                            

   - Miles Cope

It really blew me away - how good you were in supporting me as a singer at the FIRS dinner. Your own solos were wonderful and you gave an all around great performance for the large audience that included the Senior Pastor of the church and his wife, and also the legendary - fellow musician - Johnny Nelson. Believe me, if any singer is ever needing a guitarist who known how to make them sound their best - I can quickly say, "Call Jimmy Spero. He's your man!"

   - Pat Galyean

Jimmy, each time I have the privilege of performing with you, I am inspired and thrilled. You are sensitive, musical, humorous and amazingly talented. I look forward to all of our future performances!

   -Cheryl Tiburzi, vocalist

Beautiful spot to hear you, out on the patio, at the Wine Konnection, 4364 Town Center Boulevard, El Dorado Hills, CA
Your interpretation of song is wonderful...
A very relaxed atmosphere for fine wine, music and food...Looking forward to hearing and seeing you again!

   -Terry R Carlisle

Your music is wonderful. I love hearing your interpretations of the old classics.

   -Joan Cochrane

I can only say that I trust what you play, and for me, trust is everything. Not only do you have a great feel (hard to come by for guitarists), but you've made the very best musical decisions under the circumstances you had on our gigs. You Get an A+ from me! Love the way you play.

   - Rich DeFazio, Jazz Drummer


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